November is for charity - all Stickerlicious income will be donated.

A varitety of the stickericious sticker. The heart sticker is placed in the center and painted red

This november will be a special month for Stickerlicious. 100% of november’s income will be donated to children’s hospice Sternbrücke in Hamburg.

Children’s hospice Sternenbrücke is an institution for children and young people with incurable or degenerative diseases with no possibilities for curative therapies and a limited life expectancy. It's a place to support patients and families on their hard journey as fully and comfortably as possible.

Every sold sticker will help raising money and you can be a part of it. Buy a sticker and/or share this post to spread the word <3

A macbook with a stickericious sticker on it

Hint: it's almost christmas and I bet you have no presents yet ;)

Update from December 1, 2014

Thanks to all participants. If you wonder how it went make sure to read the recab.

written on 10/31/2014 in stickerlicious

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