Charity November Recap

544 € will be donated

Last month was very exciting. I decided to donate all of november's Stickerlicious income and the feedback was overwhelming. I received lots of great feedback and many people startet to share this campaign.

I'm really proud to call the last 30 days the most successful month since I launched this project. I was able to sell 4 times as much stickers as usual. 68 MacBook stickers made 544 € which I just forwarded to children’s hospice Sternenbrücke a minute ago.

Thanks to everyone who helped and participated the last month. It wouldn't have been possible without you <3

Merry Xmas

updated in December 2014

The donation arrived and I just received a lovely thank you letter:A thank you letter from the children’s hospice Sternenbrücke

written on 12/1/2014 in stickerlicious

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