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everything starts with a "hello world"


everything starts with a "hello world"

Stefan Kracht

It's a little bit embarrassing how long it took me - a so-called web developer - to finally get started with my blog. And somehow ridiculous as well looking back how easy it was in addition. But in the end the difficulties were more about decisions that had to be made.


English it is. As long as I have no idea which people are going to read this I will assume English to be the most reasonable choice. It's a decision from the coverage point of view, not based on my language skills. So, sorry in advance for all the mistakes that I will make - or even already have made.


I don't like WordPress. Even if I don't have that much experience with it, all I've seen yet is not as I would like it to be. I always was a huge fan of TYPO3 and it's flexible content idea. Tons of extensions and a great template engine. So that should be easy, should't it? Nope! I started a TYPO3 based blog project some years ago and after many hours of work - tt_news is such a messy place - I just got lost in the details and it actually never went public.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Squarespace. I tested it, played around and instantly loved it. It took me about ten minutes to decide to make it the home of my blog and just went premium. No pressure!


I don't want to follow a general content concept. I'm planing to write about things that I consider to be worth spreading and writing about. This might be pretty technical things in general.


So here it is. Like the shoemaker who's finally made an own pair of shoes. My formal:

hello world.
— sincerely Stefan Kracht

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