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about me

Hey, my name is Stefan and I am a full time web developer based in hamburg, germany. I like to speak in Ruby and JavaScript, love new technology and I totally love music. Here is an overview of some projects I am working on:



SKYCHECK is the awesome startup I've been working at since the last couple of years. I had the great chance to join the development team in the early days and be a part of a growing and exciting project. SKYCHECK aims to provide the easiest way to find the best flights out there in the cluttered internet and also acts as a flight search technology provider for large travel websites.



Stickerlicious is a small online shop for pixel style MacBook stickers. The minimalistic stickers are designed to cover the apple logo and change the light to a completely new - and mostly pretty nerdy - shape. It just got started out of curiosity and ended up in a pretty nice project with loads of kind feedback. - The only running calculator you'll ever need

I like running and playing with data and numbers but I was never satisfied with the state of running calculators out there. So I decided to build my own state of the art swiss army knife for runners. was born.


I love cooking almost as much as eating. Since I switched to a vegan diet, some people can't believe that my meals are still delicious and rich in variety. I started to prove that.



I'm spending a lot of the day wearing headphones and it's not unusual to find me somewhere in the audience of a concert. Nillson is a non profit music magazine with a focus on independent music. I am a part of the team and care about the technical and design parts of the site and contribute some articles as well.